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          Contact us on +022 2419 3000 or www.shshbj.com.

          Stella India: A supplier of A-Z used textile machinery

          Oct 01, 2018
          Stella India: A supplier of A-Z used textile machinery

          Stella India is a global supplier of used textile machinery for weaving, knitting and spinning from single machine to complete unit. Stella India is able to meet all your machinery requirement including maintenance and spare parts.

          Established in 2004, Stella India’s main focus is importing used textile machines. Today, Stella India is a supplier of used textile machinery at bulk level.

          The company is built on being:

          Professionalism: a trusted partner with over 25 years of good experience

          Reliability: deliver quality machines as per schedule

          Hands on: guarantee close co-operation to deliver your requirements

          Reliable and affordable textile machinery is an economic driver for project around the world. Stella India has a global network to source the best used textile machinery from all over the world.

          For further information:

          Plot no: 6, Sector - 25, Part II,
          HUDA Industrial Area,

          Panipat - 132103

          Email: stellaindia1@hotmail.com